I’m exhausted and  

want to say more 

and not settle for  

beautiful with a  

😍 emoji, because I 

think she’ll think 

it’s just another  

useless comment 

by some guy who 

hasn’t read the poem,  

who wants followers. 

It’s not true, but I can’t 

think of anything else. 

I’m drained, and I feel  

a weltschmerz settling in,  

a deep melancholy  

evoking brown leaves  

and pungent coffee. 

I’m wondering if I should 

change it to lovely or  

wonderful with a ❤️  

emoji, but what’s the difference? 

I’m so tired that I don’t know 

what I type in,  

my fingers punching the  

keyboard while my mind 

reaches a realm of sweet 

cakes and tea, which will 

turn monstrous in a few  

hours. I wake up  

and notice that she hasn’t  

even liked my comment.  

I rush to her poem and  

read it. Damn! That was amazing,  

it says with 🍆🍑😫👉👌 





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