Post-Valentine’s Day Sonnet

I think I’m letting go of the unsettling past

with every tick and tock of the old clock, with each 

sweet, precious moment spent with you. I’m holding fast 

to rhythms, patterns, and things I’d deemed out of reach; 

songs, sequences, and echoes promising much more

than dying haunts — the yellowing grass and spoilt mead.

I hope this lasts, and I don’t walk ennui’s cold shore

again with its monotonous tone and slow speed. 

Once everything came crashing down and angst and pain 

were all I knew. Uneven planes and eldritch screams 

made sure I lost my sanity and peace lay slain 

by fate’s hand with all my hopes, purposes, and dreams.

But day by day, time with you has its wonders and proves true

these thoughts that echo that I might just be in love with you.

Photo by Oliver Hihn on Unsplash




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