Fibbing Friday, 17th March

Fibbing Friday, hosted by Pensitivity 101, a fun challenge where truth is not an option.

Who could have recorded the following (your nominations do not have to be singers) or had it for their signature tune?

1.   Cinderella Rockefella:

Princesses with Big Pockets  

2.   I want it all:

The AntiChrist 

3.   I’m just a lonely boy:


4.   Here comes the night:

The Vampires 

5.   All I have to do is dream:

The Optimistic Idealists 

6.   Wand’rin’ Star:


7.    Rock on:

The Adrenaline Junkies

8.   Purple Rain:

Distorted Petrichor

9.   When will I see You Again:

The Needy Dudes

10.  You can’t hurry love

The Lustful Fellows 




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