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  • A dream

    The saints ascend to Elysian realms step by step   while I only dream of chariots of stars,   carrying with me from age to age my pain and scars,   burning with false fire and quasi-pep.  The saints cross sea green silky fields,  having fought the righteous war and won with their breastplates of […]

  • Burnt copper leaves

    1 As we passed   the paddy fields  on our way  to the Nilgiris,  their burnt copper leaves  interspersed with sickly green   evoked a sense of belonging   in me. A oneness  with creation and perhaps  even the Creator.   I was listening to John Mayer’s  Slow Dancing in a Burning Room   and […]

  • Indian barber’s massage

    I’ve watched chiropractor videos on YouTube, where the practitioner yanks the neck of the patient using a Y-strap and calls it spinal decompression or something else. Did you feel it all the way down? He asks, and the patient responds with a euphoric grunt, a throaty hallelujah symbolising release from years of pain. He groans […]

  • What is real?

    Today, you sit on your laptop, writing an insightful comment, and it’s as if we’re sitting across the table, the words exchanged, the beer, and the emoticons, the peanuts. It’s surreal and frightening. Surreal because you’ll carry with you some idea of me that will shape your next comment. Frightening because that idea isn’t real. […]

  • Season 2

    They’ve renewed your   favourite show for a  second season and you’re  super excited, scouring   the internet for theories  on who the puppet master   is, or if Jack will turn heel.   Will the werewolves attack   or will the time-travelling   merchants buy them off   with promises of brilliant  futures in […]

  • Weird

    Is the art of writing good art   to lose all inhibition   like Sharon Olds  with her detailed,   anatomical odes to her  mother, carving with  syllables the cave she exited and the nipple she drew   milk and blood from?   Visceral, strangely alluring,   profoundly deep. I could  do the same, write […]

  • Kierkegaard’s poet?

    Anime or Manga doesn’t   appeal to me. It did when   I was in my early 20s.  Most video games bore me,   it’s the usual fetch this,   fetch that, fight him or her,   go here or there. The ones   which they design with a   novelist’s eye are not quite  […]

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